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Hjärngymnastik - 90s Acid

My collection consists mainly of electronic music from the middle part of the 1990s. This is me digging in my own shelves in search of hidden gems, tracks that everyone's heard already, compilation exclusives, promotional edits and forgotten tracks in dire need of exposure.

There's so much good music from this part of the musical world that only got pressed on a specific cd compilation or a twelve inch release and did not get wider recognition when released. I'm trying to find as many of them as I can and will be presenting them in hour-long mixes.

Some mixes will have more focused themes such as ambient techno, acid, bleep, electro, glitchy ambient, idm or detroit techno but most of them will contain tracks currently occupying my mind, regardless of style and genre.


01. Human Mesh Dance - Sunken Garden [Waveform Records - 1995]
02. Robert Leiner - Out Of Control [Apollo - 1994]
03. Bedouin Ascent - Transition-R [Rising High Records - 1994]
04. Chapterhouse Retranslated By Global Communication - Alpha Phase [Dedicated - 1993]
05. Dance 2 Trance - Mr. Cannabis [Blow Up - 1992]
06. Bleep - The Launchpad (Boomerang Mix) [SSR Records - 1990]
07. Aedena - Alph (Ultra Wide Radio-Overleaf) [Zonetripper - 1994] 08. Bigeneric - Electrophoria [The Spacefrogs - 1995]
09. Spacelab - Outside An Airlock [Telegram Records Stockholm - 1993]
10. 808 State - Sunrise [ZTT - 1989]
11. Carl Craig - Science Fiction (In Touch With My Psyche) [Blanco Y Negro - 1995]
12. Dan Curtin - It Tastes Like [Peacefrog Records - 1994]
13. Rhythim Is Rhythim - Icon (Montage Mix) [Buzz - 1993]
14. Acid Jesus - Razzblaster [Klang Elektronik - 1993]
15. Air Liquide - Synsonic [Rising High Records - 1994]

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